"I observe, I paint, I let you admire."

impressionisme moderne

known for his rapid, sketchy direct approach

nop briex paints is a hyper neo impressionist with a contemporary style.

art for admirers and collectors.

Nop Briex (1965) is the 'alter-ego' of Norbert Lambriex who grewed up in Beek in a happy family with parents who were teachers and two sisters. The village at the foot of the South Limburgian hills, situated in between Chemelot, a high tech chemical industry, and Maastricht Aachen Airport has a population of farmers, small local businesses, entrepreneurs, commuters and retirees.


Nop, who was nicknamed so by family, classmates and friends, started drawing and painting at young age, stimulated by his mother who send him to the Free Public University in Geleen to follow painting lessons. Briex went to StLucas Creative Entrepreneurs College (Boxtel), started his full-time job as graphic designer in fashion at Diagonal Design in Geleen and earned his bachelor degree in Applied Arts and Graphic Design at the Zuyd University in Maastricht. In 1991 he left Limburg to marry with his beautiful, smart and beloved North Brabant wife and to live in Tilburg where he worked as a brand packaging designer for a big wine merchant and distillery production group.


In Nop's painting collection you can notice that he stays faithfull to his beloved South Limburg and the places he visited in Europe and abroad with its beautifull landscapes, towns and traditions with love for the city of Maastricht, where his parents' family both originates from, in special. He prefers to paint an impression by emotion, very rapidly, impatient and so not always academically correct. His figurative acrylics and oils crafted 'en plein air' and in his home studio are charactarized by a lively though modest limited colour palette. Nop likes painting and so his output is very high.


Appreciation of his work is carried by a broad public of admirers in the Netherlands and abroad. Briex has a broad interest in art in general but has a focal interest in impressionism, expressionism, fauvism and contemporary figurative paint art.


"My name is Nop Briex and I approve this introduction. Happy browsing!"

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